Boltherm 61006

sub boltherm parquet isolation 61006

Double aluminium, Polyethylene Foam.

High reflective power and effectiveness to the impact noise.

Main Applications
Suitable use in: Under Parquet

Thickness (mm)5
Presentation – (m2)40
Length x width (m)33.33 x 1.20
Weight (g/m2)150
Emission factor (%)5
Thermal Resistance1.10 m2 .° C/h Kcal
Reflectance (%)95
Thermal conductivity (W/mk)0, 032
Maximum compression (kg/m2)-
Acoustic reduction (db)21
Under Parquet

Treatment of floors

1. Boltherm application 61003 on the slab, prior to adjustment layers

2. Seal the joints (sealed with aluminum tape)

3. application of the adjustment layer

4. application of the floor (wood, ceramic or floating) on the adjustment layer.