About the company

Boltherm Insulation

Boltherm takes over as your mission lead the domestic market, researching, developing and producing thermal and acoustic insulation solutions of aluminium base, profitably, exceeding the expectations of our customers and consumers.


The dedication, competence and pursuit of excellence are core values that guide the Boltherm Professionals .


The constant search for new solutions, new methods and processes are firmly engraved in the "DNA" of Boltherm.


We intend to contribute to a better environment less polluted, we believe it is a duty of all, that's why we develop products that incorporate up to 80% recycled materials and processes of "closed circuit" which cause 0% waste.


Comfort is one of the most important values of the day, all we're looking for, we're all entitled to it.

To buy a House, that is the most substantial investment of a lifetime, comfort should be a criterion of choice.

Do I feel comfortable in this House? The luminisidade is suitable? And thermal comfort? And the Sound?

We all know or have experienced what is a dwelling where unpleasant living, winter cold, hot in the summer and where I can hear every step and conversations of my neighbors. That's what I want for me?

In fact at the time of acquisition of the dwelling must take account of these factors. An isolated housing with Boltherm, guarantees the thermal and acoustic comfort.

boltherm insulation efficiency


Today the problem of sustainable development in construction projects shall demonstrate the minimum social and environmental impact and the energy crisis of modernity came even add the economic factor.

Thus, all projects must aim to prevent the use of artificial means for heating or cooling and when it is not possible to minimize your use.

It is in this context of requirement and also of excellence that the need of a good insulation arises.

The isolation works as a means of environmental correction, improving the thermal behaviour of buildings.
It is especially important in:

1) cold climates, to avoid heat loss;

2) hot climates, to minimize heat gain;

Insulation developed by Boltherm, are State-of-the-art insulation, insulation reflected highly effective technology to prevent either the losses want heat gains.

The huge amount of air in their cells coupled with the ability of aluminum reflection makes an excellent isolation and Boltherm the best choice for an efficient isolation of your House.