509 Boltherm

term isolation acustico boltherm 509

Térmo-acoustic insulation composed of textile fibers and a protected aluminum cover.

Main Applications
Suitable use in: Decks

Main Benefits
The acoustic noise impact ability and high efficiency in floors.

Length (m)25
Width (m)1.20
Thickness (mm)5
Operating temperature (° C)-25° C to + 85° C
Heat resistance c/10 mm air box on both sides (m2 .° C/kcal)0.24
Thermal conductivity (w/m.k)0.030
Reflectance (%)95
Emission factor (%)0.03
Acoustic impact noise reduction (dB)18
Weight (g/m2) 950950
Maximum compression (kg/m2)2000
Permissible compression c/10% deformation (kg/m2)1000
Tensile strength (kg/m)-
Sealing strength (Kg/cm2)-
Between not Usable

An attic not usable can be a focus of considerable energy losses. With Boltherm, turn it into another isolation barrier. In summer, an attic untreated accumulates the heat received directly from the outside. Of winter, extracts the heat from the habitable zone, wasting it in an unused volume. Boltherm proposes handling this volume by applying, on the floor of the attic, a reflective insulation with air box plus an acoustic insulation, when advisable.

Treatment of the upper floor is not Usable

Application of Boltherm to heat treatment and, essentially, acoustic.

Application of reflective Boltherm insulation for heat treatment


Why should we pay attention to where you put your feet. Interior floors, thermal losses are not usually the most critical, but the sound insulation WINS importance for a building of quality. Under floors, Boltherm recommends the application of a termotêxtil coupled with a reflective insulation. This solution is a reduced thickness and allows you to treat the thermal and acoustic, minimizing the effect of distance and other noises.

Application of Boltherm 509 or 510 under interior floor

Between concrete slab and wooden floor or floating floors.

1. Wood Flooring or Floating Floor
509 or 510 Boltherm
2. termotêxtil
3. aluminium)
4. Slab


When, in addition to a good heat treatment, we need a considerable increase in the level of sound insulation, Boltherm has the solution. Apply on walls and false ceilings, Boltherm solutions for thermo-acoustic convient location, friendly helpfull combine thermal reflective insulation performance with a remarkable reduction of the noise level. Ideal for the treatment of commercial spaces bordering residential areas.