Boltherm 236P

term isolation boltherm 236P acustico

Thermo-acoustic insulation composed of double blade unprotected aluminium, double air bubble and foam.

Main Applications
-Flame retardant.

Main Benefits
-Reflective aluminum capacity in conjunction with the large amount of air trapped inside their cells makes it a highly effective insulation, and in conjunction with 2 mm polyethylene foam gives you sound characteristics.

Thickness (mm)13
Presentation – (m2)25
Length x width (m)20.83 x 1.20
Weight (g/m2)775
Emission factor (%)5
Thermal Resistance3.19 m2 .° C/h Kcal
Reflectance (%)95%
Thermal conductivity (W/mk)0.022
Maximum compression (kg/m2)500
Acoustic reduction (db)23

Walls and ceilings

The treatment of thermal bridges can make a difference in the correct insulation of buildings. For your flexibility and dimensions, the Boltherm products guarantee continuity of insulation, skirting all the building elements (beams, pillars, curved walls or irregularities, ...) and fixing the thermal bridges. The maintenance of air boxes (2 cm deep, at least) is an integral part of the Assembly process and the efficiency of Boltherm solutions.

Between double walls (with box)

1. application of Boltherm retractor

2. application of continuous Boltherm with air box

3. application of second wall with air box

1.232 Boltherm | PVC Retractor
2. Detail of the finishing application in double air box
3. finishing Details of the application of Boltherm on the inside