503 Boltherm

proofed 503 boltherm

Sound insulation composed of textile fibers.

Main Applications
Suitable use in: False ceilings and floors

Main Benefits
Acoustic absorption capacity and impact noise.

Thickness (mm)10
Presentation – (m2)30
Length x width (m)25 x 1.20
Weight (g/m2)1100
Emission factor (%)-
Thermal Resistance-
Reflectance (%)-
Thermal conductivity (W/mk)0.030
Maximum compression (kg/m2)2000
Acoustic reduction (db)22

Treatment of Air Noise

Because we don't need to hear the conversations of neighbors. Why choose our television programs. Boltherm proposes the insulation of the walls with termotêxtil-Boltherm 501-to reduce air noise transmission resulting from the common daily activities: conversation, meals, multimedia equipment, among others.

Walls insulated with 503 Boltherm

Application of Boltherm 503 on the entire area of the wall.

In more sensitive areas, or where, for any reason, the walls have less insulation index, you can apply second layer of Boltherm 503.


Treatment of Impact noise

The structures of the buildings are responsible for the conduct of an important part of the noise. Boltherm offers a complete solution of treating, correcting the acoustic bridges in two ways:
– between floor and wall, becoming the interior walls on Boltherm.

-through the floor, seating adjustment layer on Boltherm.

503 Boltherm insulated floors

Application of Boltherm on the slab, prior to adjustment layer

Note: you must leave a margin of at least 10 cm from the walls, in order to avoid acoustic bridges by contact between the adjustment layer and the wall.

Application of floating slab:
adjustment layer on Boltherm
L ' n, w = 56 dB with 503 Boltherm about 25 cm slab (ceramic blocks)

Boltherm margin that grows on the wall should bypass all elements (columns, jambs doors, ...), and the surplus effectively hidden by subsequent application of footers.